Adjustments BMW 2006-6 Series

Experience driving like never before with the incredible transformation of your BMW 2006-6 Series. Whether it’s the suspension or the engine, every aspect of your car can be adjusted to elevate your driving experience to the next level. With the right upgrades, you can turn your BMW 2006-6 Series into a true work of art on the road.

The options are endless, from customizing the exterior with body kits, spoilers, and rims, to upgrading the interior with comfortable seats, a high-quality audio system, and stylish pedals. And for those who crave even more power and performance, engine modifications such as turbo upgrades, intercoolers, and software remapping can take your BMW 2006-6 Series to new heights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your car truly unique and reflect your personal style. The BMW 2006-6 Series awaits your touch of excellence.

Sitting safely

The ideal sitting position can make a vital contribution to relaxed, fatigue-free driving. In the interaction with the safety belts, the head restraints and the airbags, the seat position plays an important role in an accident. To ensure that the safety systems operate with optimum efficiency, we strongly urge you to follow the instructions contained in the following section.


⚠ Always maintain an adequate distance between yourself and the airbags. Always hold the steering wheel by its rim with hands at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions to minimize the risk of injuries to your hands and arms in the event of airbag deployment. No one and nothing is to come between the airbags and the seat occupant.

Do not use the cover of the front airbag on the front passenger side as a storage area. Make sure that the front passenger is sitting correctly and does not rest feet or legs on the instrument panel, otherwise leg injuries can occur if the knee and front airbags are triggered. Make sure that occupants do not rest their head on the side or head airbag; otherwise, injuries can occur if the airbags are triggered.

Even if you adhere to all the instructions, the occurrence of injuries resulting from contact with airbags cannot be entirely ruled out, depending on the circumstances. The ignition and inflation noise may provoke a mild hearing loss in extremely sensitive individuals. This effect is usually only temporary.

Head restraints

A correctly adjusted head restraint reduces the risk of injury to cervical vertebrae in an accident.

⚠ Adjust the head restraint so that its center is approx. at ear level. Otherwise there is increased danger of injury in the event of an accident.

Safety belt

Before every drive, make sure that safety belts are being worn at all of the occupied seats. Airbags complement the safety belt as an additional safety device, but they do not represent a substitute.
Your vehicle has four seats that are each equipped with a safety belt.

⚠ Never allow more than one person to wear a single safety belt. Never allow infants or small children to ride in a passenger’s lap.

Expectant mothers should always wear their safety belts, taking care to position the lap belt against the lower hips, where it will not exert pressure against the abdominal area. Do not route the belt across your neck, or run it across sharp edges. Be sure that the belt does not become caught or jammed.

Make sure that the safety belt is securely fastened across the lap and shoulders, as close to the body as possible without it being twisted or tangled. Be sure not to route it over solid or breakable objects; otherwise, the belt can slip over the hips in the lap area in a frontal impact and injure the abdomen.

Avoid wearing clothing that prevents the belt from fitting properly and pull the shoulder belt upward periodically to readjust the tension across your lap in order to avoid a reduction in the retention effect of the safety belt.


Note before adjusting

⚠ Never attempt to adjust your seat while operating the vehicle. The seat could respond with unexpected movement and the ensuing loss of vehicle control could lead to an accident.

On the front passenger side as well, do not tilt the backrest too far toward the rear. Failure to observe this precaution can prevent the belt from providing effective protection against injury, as the passenger could slide under the belt in an accident.

⚠ Convertible: with the wind deflector fitted, do not incline the front seat backrests too far backward if the seat is to be moved back to the end position; otherwise, the wind deflector will be damaged.

Seat adjustment

⚠ To ensure that the safety systems continue to provide optimized protection.

Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series

1 Inclination
2 Longitudinal direction
3 Height
4 Backrest
5 Convertible: head restraints

With the sports seat*, you can also adjust the thigh support manually:

Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series1

Pull the lever and move the thigh support in the longitudinal direction.

Lumbar support* adjustment
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series2

You can also adjust the contours of the backrest to obtain additional support in the lumbar region. The upper hips and spinal column receive supplementary support to help you maintain a relaxed, upright sitting position.

  • Increase or decrease curvature: Press front or rear of switch.
  • Move curvature up or down: Press top or bottom of switch.

Seat, mirror and steering wheel memory

Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series3

You can store and select three different adjustment settings for the driver’s seat, exterior mirrors and steering wheel. The adjustment of the lumbar support is not stored in the memory.

  1. Switch on radio readiness or ignition.
  2. Adjust the desired seat, exterior mirror and steering-wheel positions.
  3. Press the M button: The LED in the button lights up.
  4. Press the desired memory button 1, 2 or 3: The LED goes out.

⚠ Do not request a position from the memory while the vehicle is moving. There is a risk of accident from unexpected movement of the seat or steering wheel.

Convenience mode
  1. Open the driver’s door after unlocking or switch on radio readiness.
  2. Briefly press the desired memory button 1, 2 or 3.

The system immediately cancels the adjustment procedure when you briefly press one of the seat adjustment switches or one of the memory buttons. The adjusting procedure for the steering wheel is immediately interrupted if you operate the switch for the steering wheel adjustment in any direction.

Safety feature
  1. Close the driver’s door and switch ignition on or off.
  2. Press the desired memory button 1, 2 or 3 and maintain pressure until the adjustment process has been completed.

If the M button was pressed inadvertently: press the button again; the LED goes out.

Activating with remote control

The last positions of the driver’s seat, external rearview mirrors, and steering wheel are stored
for the remote key currently in use. You can choose when the position is requested:

  • Request when unlocking vehicle
  • Request when opening driver’s door

1. Open the start menu.
2. Press the controller to open the I menu.
3. Select “Vehicle settings” and press the controller.
4. Select “Door locks” and press the controller

Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series4

5. Select “Central locking” and press the controller.
6. Select “Last seat pos.” and press the controller.
8. Press the controller.

To cancel the request: Select “Deactivated” and press the controller.

⚠ When using this feature, always make sure that the footwell behind the driver’s seat is empty and unobstructed. If you fail to do so, any persons or objects behind the seat could be injured or damaged by a rearward movement of the seat.

Front head restraints

A correctly adjusted head restraint reduces the risk of injury to cervical vertebrae in an accident.

⚠ Adjust the head restraint so that its center is approx. at ear level. Otherwise there is increased danger of injury in the event of an accident.


Adjusting height
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series5
  • To raise: pull the head restraint upward.
  • To lower: slide the head restraint downward.

▶ To reach the lowest position, press the button, refer to arrow 1.

Adjusting tilt angle

Swivel the head restraints.

  1. Pull the head restraint upward to the stop.
  2. Press the button, arrow 1, and remove the head restraint.

Insert head restraint into the sockets and adjust.


Adjusting height
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series6
  • To raise: move the switch upward.
  • To lower: move the switch downward.
Adjusting tilt angle
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series7

Swivel the head restraints.

Getting in back

⚠ Before starting to drive, fold backrests back, otherwise there is the danger of accident due to an unexpected movement of the seat.

Coupe: releasing backrest
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series8

Pull the lever upward and fold the backrest forward. The lever is designed so that the safety belt can be hooked onto it. This enables you to fasten the safety belt more conveniently.

Convertible: releasing backrest
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series9

The belt system integrated into the seat makes it easier to get in back.

  1. Pull lever 1 up and fold the backrest forward.
  2. Press and hold button 2 until the seat has moved into the desired position.
  3. After passengers have gotten in back, fold the backrest back and lock it in place.
  4. Press and hold button 3 until the seat has moved back into its previous position. If you release button 3 before this, the seat stops in its current position.

▶ You can lock the backrest in place when it is folded forward. This is useful, for example, when you get into the vehicle while it is parked on a hill. Press the backrest until it audibly locks into place. To fold it back, you do not have to use lever 1 to release it.

Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series10

Lock backrest warning lamp: Lights up when the backrest is not locked. At the same time, an additional
message appears on the Control Display.

Safety belts

⚠ To ensure that the safety systems continue to provide optimized protection.

Before every drive, make sure that safety belts are being worn at all of the occupied seats. Airbags complement the safety belt as an additional safety device, but they do not represent a substitute.

Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series11

Make sure you hear the latch plate engage in the belt buckle.

  1. Hold the belt firmly.
  2. Press the red button in the belt buckle.
  3. Guide the belt into its reel.

The shoulder strap’s anchorage point will be in the correct position for adults of every build if the seat is correctly adjusted.

Safety belt reminder for driver’s seat and passenger seat*
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series12

The indicator lamp lights up and a signal sounds. At the same time, an additional message appears on the Control Display. Please check whether safety belts are being worn correctly. The safety belt reminder is operative at speeds above approx. 5 mph/8 km/h. It can also be activated if objects are placed onto the passenger seat.

Damage to safety belts

⚠ In case of strain due to an accident or damage, replace the belt system including the safety belt tensioners and have the belt anchor points checked. Have this work carried out only by a BMW center or a workshop that works according to BMW repair procedures with appropriately trained personnel. Otherwise correct operation of this safety equipment is not guaranteed.

Heated seats
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series13

The temperature setting advances one step in its control sequence each time you press the button. The maximum preselected temperature is supplied when three LEDs are lit. To switch off: Press the button longer.


Exterior mirrors

⚠ The mirror on the passenger’s side is more curved than the driver’s mirror. Objects reflected in the mirror are closer than they appear. Do not estimate the distance of following traffic based what you see in the mirrors; otherwise, there is an increased accident risk.

Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series14

1 Adjustments
2 Switching to the other mirror or to the automatic parking function.

Storing the mirror positions, refer to Seat.

Adjusting manually

You can also adjust the mirrors manually by pressing against the outer edges of their mirror glass.

Folding exterior mirrors in and out

⚠ To prevent the exterior mirrors from being damaged due to the width of the vehicle, always fold them in by hand before entering an automatic car wash.

Automatic functions
  • Both exterior mirrors are automatically heated when the engine is running or the ignition is switched on.
  • When the vehicle is moving forward, the interior and exterior mirrors dim as a function of the incoming light.
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series15

The interior mirror is provided with two photocells to control its automatic dimming function. One is integrated into the mirror glass, refer to arrow, while the other is located at a position slightly offset from this on the back of the mirror housing.

For trouble-free operation, keep the photocells clean and do not cover the area between the interior rearview mirror and the windshield. Also do not attach stickers to the windshield in front of the mirror.

Tilting down passenger-side mirror – automatic parking function

  1. Slide switch into the driver’s side mirror position, arrow 1.
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series16
  1. Engage reverse gear or selector lever position R. The mirror glass tilts downward somewhat on the
    passenger’s side. This allows the driver to see the area immediately adjacent to the vehicle – such as a curb – when parking, etc.

Slide switch into the passenger side mirror position, arrow 2.

Steering wheel


⚠ Do not adjust the steering wheel while the vehicle is moving. There is a risk of accident as the result of unexpected movement.

Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series17

The steering wheel can be adjusted in four directions. Storing the steering-wheel position, refer to
Seat, mirror and steering wheel memory.

Electric steering wheel lock

The steering wheel locks or unlocks automatically when the remote control is removed or inserted.

Easy entry/exit

To make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle, the steering wheel temporarily moves into the uppermost position.

Steering wheel heater*
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series18

Press the button with the ignition switched on. The indicator lamp in the button lights up when the steering wheel heater is switched on.

Programmable buttons* on steering wheel
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series19

You can program the buttons individually. iDrive, for principle details.

  1. Press the MENU button. This opens the start menu.
  2. Press the controller to open the I menu.
  3. Select “Vehicle settings” and press the controller.
  4. Select “Steering wheel buttons” and press the controller.
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series20

A list of various functions is displayed:

  • “Navigation voice instructions” Voice instructions of the navigation system*
  • “Air recirculation on / off” Permanently shutting off outside air, refer to AUC Automatic recirculated air control.
  • “Mute on / off” Mutes the audio sources
  • “Monitor on / off” Switches the Control Display on/off
  • “Telephone list” Display/hide phone book or last list of stored phone numbers displayed
  • “Next entertainment source” Changes audio source
  1. Select the desired function and press the controller.
  2. Select the button if necessary and press the controller.
Adjustments BMW 2006 6 Series21

You can now activate the selected function using the corresponding button. The setting is stored for the remote control currently in use.

Activating selected function

Press the corresponding button on the steering wheel. If you have programmed “Navigation voice instructions” for one of the buttons:

  • To switch voice instructions on/off: Maintain pressure on the button for several seconds.
  • To repeat the last voice instruction: Press the button.
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