On/off and Tone BMW 650i

Buttons near CD player

The BMW 650i is a luxurious and high-performing car with a sleek design. One of its most impressive features is its on/off switchable and tone-adjustable … Read more

Navigation System BMW 2010-5 Series

Navigation System BMW 2010 5 Series18

The navigation system in the 2010-5 Series BMW is typically BMW’s iDrive system. It’s a computer-based interface for controlling various vehicle functions including the audio, … Read more

Adjusting BMW 2010-5 Series

Adjusting BMW 2010 5 Series29

To adjust the sitting position safely in a 2010-5 Series BMW, follow these steps: Sitting safely The ideal sitting position can make a vital contribution … Read more

Telephone BMW 2010-5 Series

Telephone BMW 2010 5 Series27

The 2010-5 Series BMW models have a built-in telephone system. The system allows for hands-free calling, and uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a compatible … Read more