Earn a 500% Deposit Bonus with Baazex

At Baazex, we’re excited to offer our clients the opportunity to earn a 500% Deposit Bonus. It’s easy to get started – simply open an account and deposit a minimum of $10.

Earn a 500 Deposit Bonus with

Terms & Conditions

  1. Verification Required: To claim the deposit bonus, you must be a verified customer.
  2. Account Type: The bonus is exclusive to Classic account types.
  3. Deposit Restrictions: The bonus cannot be added to internal transfers or deposits from contests/promotions unless stated otherwise.
  4. Bonus Trading: The deposit bonus is not cashable but fully tradable, allowing you to use it for trading and holding positions.
  5. Withdrawal: The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn; only profits can be withdrawn.
  6. Company’s Discretion: The company may amend, alter, or terminate the promotion at its discretion, without notice.
  7. Leverage: The leverage of the underlying account will prevail.
  8. Offer Refusal: The company reserves the right to refuse deposit bonus offerings without justification.
  9. Abuse Prevention: The company can deny, withhold, or withdraw the deposit bonus if abuse is suspected.
  10. Dispute Resolution: Any dispute not covered by these terms will be resolved by the company’s management fairly.

Link bonus: https://www.baazex.com/promotions

How to Claim Your Deposit Bonus

  • The deposit bonus is available for accounts with a minimum deposit of $10.
  • Request the bonus through the client portal after depositing into your trading account.
  • For example, deposit $10, and a $50 bonus will be credited to your account.

Important Rules and Restrictions

  • Once the bonus is added, the use of Expert Advisors and automated trading is prohibited.
  • The bonus can be canceled at any time, but once canceled, it cannot be reinstated.

Withdrawal Details

  • Clients can request a minimum withdrawal of $100 from profits.
  • A withdrawal fee of $30 is charged for each withdrawal.

Bonus Duration and Restrictions

  • The maximum term of the bonus is 12 months.
  • The company may modify or terminate the promotion at its discretion without obtaining client consent.


Q: Can I withdraw the deposit bonus itself? A: No, the deposit bonus is not withdrawable; only profits can be withdrawn.

Q: Is there a minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus? A: Yes, the minimum deposit required is $10.

Q: Can I combine the deposit bonus with other promotions? A: The company may permit or decline such requests at its sole discretion.

Q: What happens if I cancel the deposit bonus? A: Once canceled, the deposit bonus cannot be reinstated.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the use of Expert Advisors (EAs)? A: Yes, the use of EAs and automated trading is prohibited once the deposit bonus is added.

Q: Can I request a withdrawal of my profits? A: Yes, clients can request a minimum withdrawal of $100 from their profits, with a $30 withdrawal fee.

Q: What is the maximum duration of the deposit bonus? A: The maximum term of the bonus is 12 months, after which it may be canceled at the company’s discretion.

Q: Can the company modify or terminate the promotion without notice? A: Yes, the company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or terminate the promotion at any time without obtaining client consent.