HubuFX No Deposit Bonus $10 for New Traders

Are you eager to start trading without putting any money down upfront? HubuFX No Deposit Bonus is the perfect opportunity for you! This special offer grants new traders a $10 credit, which you can use to explore our trading services without any financial risk.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

The No Deposit Bonus is like a free trial for trading. You receive $10 in your account, which you can’t withdraw, but you can use it to make real trades. If you meet certain conditions, you can keep any profits you make.

Who Can Claim the No Deposit Bonus?

The No Deposit Bonus is available exclusively to traders in the USA who are opening their first HubuFX Raw Account. Unfortunately, this offer is not available to people from other countries.

How to Get the Bonus?

Claiming the bonus is easy:

  1. Open a Real Account.
  2. Log in to the Members Area using your login details.
  3. Send a request to HubuFX support, asking for the No Deposit Bonus.

Terms and Conditions

Here are the important terms and conditions to consider:

  1. To transfer your profits, you must trade at least 10 lots, where 1 lot equals $100,000, within 45 calendar days.
  2. Your account’s leverage is set at a ratio of 1:100.
  3. A transaction must result in a profit or loss of at least 6 pips (60 points) to be counted in the traded volume.
  4. You have 45 days from account opening to use the No Deposit Bonus for trading. After 45 days, trading is disabled, but you can still transfer your profits for the next 30 days.
  5. You can withdraw profits that are at least ten times greater than the initial credit of $100. Transfers are allowed once per client.
  6. Transfers will be processed within two working days during the Finance Department’s operating hours.
  7. After profit transfer, the No Deposit Bonus account is disabled, and further trading is not possible. The bonus is canceled, and the account balance is set to zero.
  8. Only one profit transfer request is allowed per client, and the transfer amount must be exactly $100.
  9. Failure to follow these terms will result in disqualification.

Terms of Good Use

HubuFX takes fairness seriously. If we suspect that a client has abused the promotion or acted in bad faith, we reserve the right to deny or withdraw the trading bonus or take other necessary actions.

In case of hedging positions within or outside of HubuFX, we may reverse the granted trading bonus without client consent. We also retain the right to modify the Bonus Terms and Conditions, notifying clients of any changes.


  1. Who is eligible for the No Deposit Bonus?
    • The bonus is available to new traders in the USA opening their first HubuFX Raw Account.
  2. How can I claim the No Deposit Bonus?
    • Open a Real Account, log in to the Members Area, and send a request to HubuFX support.
  3. Can I withdraw the $10 bonus itself?
    • No, the $10 credit is non-withdrawable, but you can withdraw the profits you make.
  4. What are the trading conditions for profit withdrawal?
    • You must trade at least 10 lots within 45 days, and the profit must be at least ten times greater than the initial $100 credit.
  5. What happens if I don’t meet the terms and conditions?
    • Failure to comply with the terms will result in disqualification from the promotion.
  6. What actions can HubuFX take if a client abuses the promotion?
    • HubuFX can deny, withhold, or withdraw the trading bonus and take other actions if a client acts in bad faith.
  7. Can I change the bonus terms and conditions?
    • HubuFX retains the right to modify the Bonus Terms and Conditions and will notify clients of any changes.

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