iDrive BMW 2007-5 series

iDrive combines the functions of a large number of switches. This allows these functions to be operated from a central position. The following section provides an introduction to basic menu navigation. The control of the individual functions is described in connection with the relevant equipment.


1. Control Display
2. Menu button
Opening start menu
3. Controller
With the controller you can select menu items and make settings:

  • move in four directions, arrows 4
  • turn, arrow 5
  • press, arrow 6

Menu overview


  • Telephone*
  • BMW Assist* or TeleService*

Navigation or onboard information

  • Navigation system*
  • Onboard information, e.g. for displaying the average fuel consumption


  • Radio
  • CD player and CD changer*
  • AUX-In connection
  • USB/audio interface*From radio readiness


  • Vent settings
  • Automatic programs
  • Seat heater distribution*
  • Parked car operation*


  • Switching off Control Display
  • Tone and display settings
  • Settings for your vehicle, e.g. for the central locking system
  • Display of maintenance intervals and deadlines for legally mandated inspections
  • Settings for telephone

Operating principle

From radio readiness, the following message is shown on the Control Display:


To hide the message:

  • Press the controller.
  • This displays the start menu.
  • The message is automatically hidden after approx. 10 seconds.

Start menu

Star menu

You can call up all the functions of iDrive using five menu items.

Opening start menu

Press the MENU button.
To open the start menu from the menu:
Press the MENU button twice.

Opening menu items of start menu

Star menu2

With the start menu you can open the menu items Communication, Navigation, Entertainment and Climate by moving the controller to the left, right, front or rear. You can open the menu by pressing the controller.

Comfort opening of menu items

Comfort opening offers you:

  • Opening of a menu item of the start menu in the last display shown
  • Direct changing between Communication, Navigation, Entertainment and Climate without pressing the MENU button

For this purpose, move the controller in the corresponding direction and hold it for longer than approx. 2 seconds.

Displays in menu

  1. Each menu is divided into fields. The respective active field is highlighted.
  2. A symbol indicates the last selected menu item of the start menu:
  • Communication
  • Navigation or onboard information
  • Entertainment
  • Climate
  • menu
star menu4
  1. Menu items are usually grouped in horizontal or vertical lists.
  2. In these lists, arrows indicate the possibility of accessing other menu items that are not currently visible.
  3. Settings are displayed graphically or numerically.

Operating principle at a glance

Basic operation via iDrive is described in this view. You can view the individual steps under Settings on Control Display, Setting time.

star menu5
  1. Selecting menu item:
  • Turn the controller; the highlight moves
  • Menu items shown in white can be selected by highlighting

2. Activating menu item:

  • Press the controller
  • New menu items are displayed or the function is carried out

3. Selecting menu item: refer to 1

4. Changing between fields:

  • Briefly move the controller left, right, forward or back
  • Release controller
  • Active field appears lighter

5 Adjusting settings:

  • Turn controller
  • Graphic display, numerical value or text displays can be changed
  • Confirmation by changing field

Status information

status information

1 Display for:

  • Entertainment: Radio, CD
  • Telephone* in “Communication”: Name of linked mobile phone, network search or no network
  • “BMW Assist”*: Existing voice connection with a service from BMW Assist

2. Entertainment sound output off

3. Station that transmits traffic information is received*:

Reception of traffic information for the navigation system is possible and activated

4. Display for:

  • New entries present in “Missed calls”*
  • Roaming active

5. Telephoning* is possible if the mobile phone is paired in the vehicle. Mobile phone network with strong reception, dependent on mobile phone.

6. Time Other displays:

The status information is temporarily hidden when there are Check Control instructions or inputs via the voice command system*.

Assistance window

asisten window

Additional information appears in the assistance window:

  • The computer or the trip computer*
  • The arrow or map view with a navigation system*
  • The current position

Selecting display

1. Move the controller to the right to change to the assistance window and press the controller

Star menu6

2. Select a menu item.

3. Press the controller.

Switching assistance window off/on

1. Move the controller to the right to change to the assistance window and press the controller.

2. Select “Assist. window off” and press the controller.

star menu7

To switch on, change to the assistance window and press the controller.

Switching Control Display off/on

  1. Press the button.
    This opens the start menu
  2. Press the controller to open the menu.
  3. Select “Display off” and press the controller.

To switch on, press the controller.

Programmable memory/direct selection buttons

You can save and run certain functions of iDrive on the programmable memory/direct selection

  • Destinations of navigation
  • Telephone, phone numbers
  • Entertainment:
  • radio station
  • CD
  • CD compartment of CD changer*
  • AUX

The assignment of the programmable memory/direct selection buttons is stored for the remote
control currently in use.

Saving function

Destinations of navigation

  1. Select navigation destination, e.g. in the destination list or the address book.
  2. Press the 16 button longer than 2 seconds.

Special features:

  • With the destination guidance system and the map view started, the current destination is stored.
  • During destination entry via a map, thecoordinates at the cursor are stored, not the current destination.

Telephone, phone numbers

  1. Enter the phone number or select it in a list of the stored phone numbers, e.g. of the
    A-Z list.
  2. Press the 16 button longer than 2 seconds.

If a name is assigned to the phone number, the name will also be stored.


In the Entertainment menu, the sound source currently heard, e.g. a radio station, is stored,
regardless of the selection on the Control Display.

  1. Select the desired function, e.g. radio station or CD.
  2. Press the 16 button longer than 2 seconds.

<If the vehicle is equipped with two drives, the current track is stored for CDs with
compressed audio files.<

Run function

Press the 1…6 button. When selecting a phone number, the connection is also established, or the destination guidance is started when a navigation destination is selected.

Displaying button assignment

You can display the assignment of the buttons by touching them with your finger. Please do not wear gloves when doing so. Touching with an object, e.g. a pen, does not function.

Displaying short info

Touch the 16 button. The assignment of the buttons is displayed.

  • Destination of navigation system
  • Entertainment source
  • Telephone, phone number
  • Not assigned

Displaying detailed information

Touch the 1…6 button longer.

Deleting button assignments

  1. Press the MENU button. This opens the start menu.
  2. Press the controller to open the menu.
  3. Select “Settings” and press the controller.
  4. Select “Vehicle / Tires” and press the controller.
  5. Select “Programmable Memory Keys” andpress the controller.

6. Select “Delete assignment of all memory keys” and press the controller.

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