iDrive BMW 2007-m6

The BMW M6 is a high-performance luxury car produced by the German automaker BMW from 2005 to 2010. The 2007 BMW M6 is equipped with the iDrive system, which is a computer system that controls many of the car’s features, including climate control, audio system, navigation, and communication systems.

The iDrive system in the 2007 BMW M6 is controlled through a central display screen and a rotary knob located on the center console. The system allows you to access and control various settings and features of the car, such as the audio system, climate control, and navigation system.

To use the iDrive system in the 2007 BMW M6, turn on the car and the display screen should light up. From there, use the rotary knob to navigate the menus and select the desired settings. The system may take some time to learn and become familiar with, but it can greatly enhance your driving experience and convenience.

It’s also worth noting that the 2007 BMW M6 may have some common issues, such as problems with the engine and transmission, so it’s important to have the car regularly maintained and serviced by a professional BMW mechanic.

iDrive combines the functions of a multitude of switches. This allows these functions to be operated from a central position. The following section provides an introduction to basic menu navigation. The control of individual functions is described in connection with the relevant equipment.


iDrive BMW 2007 m6

1 Control Display
2 MENU button Opening the start menu
3 Controller

You can use the controller to select menu items and change settings by:

  • moving in four directions, arrows 4
  • turning, arrow 5
  • pressing, arrow 6

⚠ To avoid becoming distracted and unnecessarily endangering both your own vehicle’s occupants and other road users, never attempt to use the controls or make entries unless traffic and road conditions allow.

Menu overview

  • Telephone*
  • BMW Assist* or TeleService*
Navigation or onboard information
  • Navigation system*
  • Onboard info, e.g. for displaying of the average fuel consumption
  • Radio
  • CD player and CD changer*
  • Vent settings
  • Automatic programs
  • Parked car operation
I menu
  • Switching off the Control Display
  • Tone and display settings
  • Settings for your vehicle, e.g. for MDrive, or settings for the central locking system
  • Display of maintenance intervals and deadlines for legally mandated inspections
  • Settings for the telephone

Basic operation

From radio readiness, the following message is shown on the Control Display:

iDrive BMW 2007 m61

To hide the message: Press the controller. This displays the start menu. The message is automatically hidden after approx. 10 seconds.

Start menu
iDrive BMW 2007 m62

You can call up all the functions of iDrive using five menu items.

Opening start menu

Press MENU the button. To open the start menu from the I menu: Press the MENU button twice.

Opening menu items of start menu
iDrive BMW 2007 m63

From the start menu, you can call up the four menu items Communication, Navigation, Entertainment, and Climate by moving the controller left, right, forward, or back. You can open the I menu by pressing the controller

Comfort opening of menu items

Comfort opening offers you the option of:

  • Opening a menu item of the start menu in the view last selected
  • Direct changing between Communication, Navigation, Entertainment and Climate without pressing the MENU button.

To do so, move the controller in the corresponding direction and hold it for longer than approx. 2 seconds.

Displays in menu
iDrive BMW 2007 m64

1 Each menu is divided into fields. The currently selected field appears brighter.
2 A symbol indicates the last selected menu item of the start menu:

iDrive BMW 2007 m65

1 Menu items are usually grouped in horizontal or vertical lists.
2 Arrows indicate the possibility of accessing other menu items that are not currently visible.
3 Settings are displayed graphically or numerically

Operating principle at a glance

Basic operation via iDrive is described in this view. You can view the individual steps under Settings on Control Display.

iDrive BMW 2007 m66

1 Selecting menu item:

  • Turn controller; marking moves
  • Menu items shown in white can be selected by marking

2 Activating a menu item:

  • Press controller
  • New menu items are displayed or function is carried out

3 Selecting a menu item: refer to 1

4 Changing between fields:

  • Briefly move controller left, right, forward or back
  • Release controller
  • Active field appears lighter

5 Adjusting settings:

  • Turn controller
  • Graphic display, numerical value or text displays can be changed
  • Confirmation by changing field

Status information

iDrive BMW 2007 m67

1 Display for:

  • Entertainment: Radio, CD
  • Telephone* in “Communication”: Name of linked mobile phone, network search or no network
  • “BMW Assist”*: Existing voice connection with a service from BMW Assist

2 Entertainment sound output off
3 Station that transmits traffic information is received*: “TI”: Traffic information for the navigation system can be received and transmission is switched on.

4 Display for:

  • New entries present in “Missed calls”*
  • Roaming active

5 Telephoning* is possible if the mobile phone is paired in the vehicle Mobile phone network reception
strength, dependent on mobile phone.
6 Time Other displays: When Check Control information appears or entries are made via the voice command system*, the status information is temporarily hidden.

Assistance window*

iDrive BMW 2007 m68

Additional information appears in the assistance window:

  • the computer or the trip computer
  • the arrow or map view with navigation system*
  • the current position
Selecting display
  1. Move the controller to the right to change to the assistance window and press the controller.
iDrive BMW 2007 m69
  1. Select a menu item.
  2. Press the controller.
Switching assistance window on/off
  1. Move the controller to the right to change tothe assistance window and press the controller.
  2. Select “Assist. window off” and press the controller.
iDrive BMW 2007 m610 1

To switch on, change to the assistance window and press the controller.

Switching Control Display on/off
  1. Press the MENU button. This opens the start menu.
  2. Press the controller to open the I menu.
  3. Select “Display off” and press the controller
iDrive BMW 2007 m611

To switch on, press the controller.

Voice command system

The concept

The voice command system allows you to control operation of various vehicle systems without ever removing your hands from the steering wheel. Individual menu items on the Control Display can be spoken as commands. This frees you of having to use the controller.

The voice command system transforms your spoken commands into control signals for the selected systems and provides support in the form of instructions or questions. The voice command system includes a special
microphone. The microphone is located:

  • Near the interior rearview mirror in the Coupe
  • On the steering column in the Convertible

In order to enable identification of the commands to be spoken, use iDrive to set the language for the voice command system. Setting iDrive language.

Symbols in Owner’s Manual

{…} Say the specified commands word for word. {{…}} Indicates the responses of the voice command system.

Voice commands

Activating voice command system
  1. Press the black button.
iDrive BMW 2007 m612

This symbol on the Control Display and an acoustic signal tell you that the voice command system can respond to commands.

iDrive BMW 2007 m613
  1. Say the command. The command is displayed on the Control Display.
iDrive BMW 2007 m614

This symbol is shown on the Control Display when you can input additional commands. If no other commands are possible, then operate the equipment using iDrive.

Terminating or canceling voice command

Press the black button on the steering wheel or in the center console or {Cancel}.


Having possible commands read aloud

You can have the system read aloud the possible commands related to the selected menu item on the Control Display. To have the system list the possible commands: {Options}.

For example, if you have selected “CD”, the system will read aloud the possible commands for operating the CD player and the CD changer*.

Opening help


Using alternative commands

There are often several commands for running a function, e.g.: {Radio on} or {Turn radio on}.

Running functions directly with short commands

With short commands you can run certain functions directly, regardless of which menu item is selected.

Opening start menu

{Main menu}

An example: selecting a track
  1. Switch on Entertainment sound output if necessary.
  2. Press the blac button on the steering wheel or in the center console.
  3. {Entertainment} The system says: {{Entertainment}}
iDrive BMW 2007 m615

{CD} The system says: {{CD on}}

iDrive BMW 2007 m616
  1. Press the black button on the steering wheel or in the center console.
  2. Select a track, e.g.: {Track 1} The system says: {{Track 1}}.
iDrive BMW 2007 m617

▶ The mobile phone can also be operated with voice commands.

For voice commands, bear the following in mind:

  • Say the commands and numbers smoothly and at normal volume, avoiding excessive emphasis and pauses. This also applies to spelling when entering the destination.
  • Always issue commands in the language of the voice command system.
  • When selecting a radio station, use the usual pronunciation of the station name.
  • For entries in the voice-activated phone book, only use names in the language of the voice command system and no abbreviations.
  • Keep the doors, windows and convertible top closed to prevent interference from ambient noise.
  • Avoid background noises in the vehicle while speaking.
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