Maintenance BMW 2006-6 Series

BMW 2006-6 Series is a car designed with excellent quality. However, like other cars, BMW 2006-6 Series requires regular maintenance to ensure its optimal performance. Proper maintenance can extend the life of the car, prevent possible problems, and ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

In this article, we will discuss some important things that need to be done in maintaining the BMW 2006-6 Series, including routine maintenance that must be done regularly, common problems that may occur in this car, and how to solve them. By doing proper maintenance, you can ensure that your BMW 2006-6 Series car stays in prime condition and delivers its best performance.

The BMW Maintenance System

Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series

The BMW Maintenance System supports the preservation of the traffic and operating safety of your BMW. The service schedule also includes operations related to the vehicle’s comfort and convenience features, such as replacement of the filters for the inside air. The ultimate objective is to ensure economical maintenance by providing the ideal service for your vehicle. Should the day come when you decide to sell your BMW, you will find that a complete dealer service history is an asset of inestimable value.

CBS Condition Based Service

Sensors and special algorithms take the different driving conditions of your BMW into account. Condition Based Service uses this to determine the current and future service requirements. By letting you define a service and maintenance regimen that reflects your own individual requirements, the system builds the basis for trouble-free driving.

You can set the Control Display to show remaining distances and times of selected maintenance intervals and legally mandated deadlines.

  • Engine oil
  • Brakes, front and rear separately
  • Microfilter/activated-charcoal filter
  • Brake fluid
  • Spark plugs
  • Vehicle check
  • Legally required tests depending on local regulations
Service data in remote control

Your vehicle stores this information continuously in the remote control while the vehicle is being driven. After accessing the data stored in the remote control, your BMW Service Advisor can suggest precisely the right array of service procedures for your own individual vehicle.

For this reason, when you take your vehicle in for service, you should give the BMW Service Advisor the remote control last used to drive it.

⚠ Make sure the date in the iDrive is always set correctly, otherwise, the effectiveness of CBS Condition Based Service is not ensured.

Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models and Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models

Please consult your Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models and Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models for additional information on service requirements.

▶ Have service and repair operations performed at your BMW center. Take the time to ensure that these service procedures are confirmed by entries in your vehicle’s Service and Warranty Information Booklet for US models and Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for Canadian models. These entries verify that your vehicle has received the specified regular maintenance, and may also be required when submitting warranty claims.

Socket for OBD Onboard Diagnostics interface
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series1

A diagnostics device can use the OBD socket to check components critical to exhaust composition. This socket is located under a cover on the left side of the driver’s footwell, directly under the dashboard.

Exhaust-gas values
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series2

The warning lamp lights up. The exhaust-gas values are deteriorating. Have the vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series3

Display of the previously described malfunction on Canadian models.

The lamp flashes under certain conditions. This is a sign of excessive misfiring of the engine. In this case, you should reduce speed and drive to the nearest BMW center as soon as possible. Heavy engine misfiring causes serious damage to the emission-relevant components, especially the catalytic converter, within a short time.

▶ If the fuel filler cap is not properly tightened, the OBD system can detect the escape of fuel vapor. This causes a display to light up. If the cap is then tightened, the display should go out within a few days.

Replacing components

Onboard tool kit
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series4

The onboard tool kit is located in the luggage compartment under the floor mat.

Wiper blade replacement
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series5
  1. Fold the wiper arm out and grasp it firmly.
  2. Press the locking tabs together while sliding the wiper blade toward the front to disengage it.
  3. Insert the new wiper blade and slide it in until it audibly clicks into place.
Lamps and bulbs

Lamps and bulbs make an essential contribution to driving safety. You must be duly diligent in replacing them. If you are not familiar with the specified procedures, have the corresponding work carried out at your BMW center.

▶ Never touch the glass on new bulbs with your bare fingers, as even minute amounts of contamination will burn into the bulb’s surface and reduce its service life. Use a clean cloth, napkin, etc., or hold the bulb by its metal socket.

You can obtain a selection of replacement bulbs at your BMW center.

⚠ Whenever you perform any work on the electrical system, turn off the electrical devices involved to prevent short circuits from occurring. To avoid possible injury or equipment damage when replacing bulbs, follow any instructions provided by the bulb manufacturer.

When performing maintenance on the headlamps, follow the instructions in the separate Caring for your vehicle brochure.

▶ In the case of bulbs whose replacement is not described, please consult your BMW center.

Xenon lamps

The service life of these lamps is very long and the probability of a failure is very low, provided that they are not switched on and off an unusual number of times. In the unlikely event that one of these lamps should fail, you can continue driving under poor visibility conditions by switching on your fog lamps and proceeding carefully, where allowed by law.

⚠ Have work on the xenon lighting system, including bulb changes, carried out only by a BMW center. Due to the high voltage involved, there is a danger to life and limb when work is carried out improperly.

▶ For checking and adjusting headlamp aim, please contact your BMW center.

High beams, parking lamps
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series6

The illustration shows the front left side of the engine compartment.

High beams

Bulb 55 watts, H 7

  1. Remove the cover cap 1 by pressing the tab and removing the cover cap upward.
  2. Press the bulb holder from above to release it.
  3. Remove the bulb holder.
  4. Remove and replace the bulb.

⚠ The lamp H7 is pressurized; wear eye protection and protective gloves. Otherwise, there is the risk of bodily injury if the lamp is damaged.

Parking lamps

Bulb 10 watts

Bulb holder and reflector are one unit and are replaced together.

  1. Turn the bulb holder 2 to the right and remove.
  2. Press the snap connection on the plug connector, pull off the bulb holder and replace.
Front turn signal, sidemarker

Your BMW is equipped with two turn signal lamps per side in the front.

Turn signal lamp 1

Bulb 21 watts, WY 21 SV

The illustration shows the front right side of the engine compartment.

  1. Press the lever shown:
    • downward for the right turn signal
    • upward for the left turn signal
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series7
  1. Remove the bulb holder towards the rear.
  2. Remove and replace the bulb
Turn signal lamp 2

Bulb 21 watts, WY 21 SV

The bulb for the turn signal lamp 2 can be replaced via the wheel well. The illustration shows the front left side of the vehicle.

  1. Turn the steering all the way to be able to remove the cover, refer to illustration.
  2. Turn off the light, switch off the ignition and remove the remote control from the ignition lock.
  3. Unscrew the two bolts using the open-end wrench from the onboard tool kit.
  4. Turn the bulb holder to the left and remove, refer to arrow.
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series8
  1. Remove and replace the bulb.

Bulb 5 watts, WY5W ST

The bulb can be replaced via a cover at the front of the wheel well, refer to the description for turn signal lamp 2.

  1. The bulb holder of the sidemarker lamp is located toward the outside of the vehicle next to the bulb holder of turn signal lamp 2.
  2. Turn the bulb holder to the left and remove.
  3. Remove and replace the bulb.
Side turn signals

Bulb 5 watts, WY 5 W

  1. Press against the front edge of the lamp with the tip of your finger, then push it to the rear, release the snap connection at the front and take it off the trim strip.
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series9
  1. Turn the bulb holder to the left by 905 andremove.
  2. Remove and replace the bulb.
Tail lamps

▶ The roadside parking, rear and brake lamps are LEDs. The backup lamps are equipped with long-life bulbs. Please contact a BMW center in case of a malfunction.

Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series10

1 Turn signals
2 Roadside parking, rear and brake lamp
3 Backup lamp
4 Reflector

Rear turn signals
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series12

Bulb 21 watts, PY 21 W

The illustration shows the recess on the left side of the luggage compartment.

  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Unclip the bulb holder and remove.
  3. Apply gentle pressure to the bulb while turning it to the left for removal and replacement.
License plate lamps
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series13

Bulb 5 watts, WY 5 W

  1. Push a screwdriver from the left under the lamp and pry out the lamp toward the right.
  2. Turn the bulb holder to the left by 90 5 and remove.
  3. Remove and replace the bulb.
Light-emitting diodes LEDs

Light-emitting diodes installed behind translucent lenses serve as the light source for many of the controls and displays in your vehicle. These light-emitting diodes, which operate using a concept similar to that applied in conventional lasers, are officially designated as Class 1 lightemitting diodes.

⚠ Do not remove the covers, and never stare into the unfiltered light for several hours, as irritation of the retina could result.

Changing a wheel

Your BMW is equipped with run-flat tires as a standard feature. An immediate wheel change in the event of a flat tire is therefore no longer required. You will recognize run-flat tires by a circular symbol containing the letters RSC on the side of the tire.

If you have new tires mounted or switch from summer to winter tires, or vice versa, use run flat tires because no spare tire is provided in case of a flat. Your BMW center will be glad to advise you.

▶ The suitable tools for changing tires are available as accessories from your BMW center.

Car jacking points
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series14 1

The jacking points for the car jack are located in the positions shown.

Vehicle battery


The battery is 100% maintenance-free, i.e., the electrolyte will last for the life of the battery when the vehicle is operated in a temperate climate. Your BMW center will be glad to advise in all matters concerning the battery.

Charging battery

Only charge the battery in the vehicle via the terminals in the engine compartment with the engine switched off. For the connections.


After replacement, have old batteries disposed of by your BMW center or deposit them at a recycling center. Maintain the battery in an upright position for transport and storage. Always secure the battery to prevent it from tipping over during transport.

Power failure

Following a temporary interruption of the power supply, the operation of some equipment is limited and must be reinitialized. Individual settings are also lost and must be updated:

  • Seat, mirror and steering wheel memory The position must be stored again
  • Time and Date The values must be updated.
  • Radio Stations must be stored again if necessary.
  • Navigation system Wait until the system starts.


⚠ Never attempt to repair a blown fuse, and do not replace a defective fuse with a substitute of another color or amperage rating, as this could lead to overloading of the wiring, ultimately resulting in a fire in the vehicle.

Spare fuses and a pair of plastic tweezers are located in the compartment for the onboard tool kit. Information on fuse allocation is located below the bracket for the onboard tool kit, see below.

In glove compartment
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series15
  1. Press the button on the back in the center of partition 1 and pull out the partition upward, arrow 2.
  2. Press the coupling downward, arrow 3, and fold the lid 4 forward.
In luggage compartment
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series16

Fold the cover under the floor mat upward and remove the bracket for the onboard tool kit. Information on fuse allocation 1 and additional fuses 2 are provided there.

Giving and receiving assistance

Emergency call

Conditions for an emergency call:

  • Full mobile phone preparation package
  • BMW Assist is activated. Activating BMW Assist.
  • Radio readiness is activated.
  • The car phone is logged on to a cellular telephone network.
  • The emergency call system is operable.

When the contract for your BMW Assist plan expires, a BMW center can deactivate the car phone without your having to visit a workshop. Following deactivation of the car phone, no emergency calls can be made. The car phone can be reactivated after signing a new contract with a BMW center.

Initiating an emergency call
  1. Briefly press protective cover to open. With some vehicle equipment packages or in the Convertible, the arrangement of the switches and indicator lamps may differ somewhat.
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series17
  1. Press the button for at least 2 seconds. The LED in the button lights up. As soon as the voice
    connection to the BMW Assist emergency call center has been established, the LED flashes.

If conditions allow, remain in the vehicle until the connection has been established. You will then be able to provide a detailed description of the situation. If the current location of your vehicle can be determined, it will be forwarded to the BMW Assist emergency call center.

If the LED flashes, but you are unable to hear the BMW Assist emergency call center through the handsfree system, this could indicate, for instance, that the handsfree system is no longer operational. But the emergency call center is still able to hear you.

Under certain conditions, an emergency call is automatically initiated immediately after a severe accident. The automatic emergency call is not affected by the button being pressed.

⚠ For technical reasons, the emergency call cannot be guaranteed under the most unfavorable conditions.

Warning triangle*
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series18

The warning triangle can be found in the luggage compartment on the left side.

First-aid kit*

The first-aid kit is located in the filler element of the rear seat backrest.

1. Press the button downward and pull the filler element forward.

Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series19

2. Take out first-aid kit.

Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series20 2

⚠ To refit the filler element, insert the two bottom tabs into the strip and press the filler element back into place. Make sure that you do not damage the rear seat upholstery.

Some of the articles contained in the first-aid kit have a limited service life. For this reason, check the expiration dates of each of the items regularly and replace any whose expiration dates have passed.

Roadside Assistance*

The Roadside Assistance of the BMW Group offers you assistance in the event of a breakdown around the clock, including on weekends and public holidays. The phone numbers of the Roadside Assistance in your home country can be found in the BMW Contact directory.

In the case of vehicles with BMW Assist or Tele Service, you can contact the Roadside Assistance of the BMW Group for assistance in the event of a breakdown directly via iDrive.

Jump starting

When your battery is discharged, you can use two jumper cables to start your BMW with power from the battery in a second vehicle. You can also use the same method to help start another vehicle. Use only jumper cables with fully-insulated clamp handles.

⚠ To avoid the risk of potentially fatal injury, always avoid all contact with electrical components while the engine is running. Carefully adhere to the following sequence, both to prevent damage to one or both vehicles, and to guard against possible personal injuries.

  1. Check whether the battery of the other vehicle has a voltage of 12 Volts and approximately the same capacitance in Ah. This information can be found on the battery.
  2. Switch off the engine of the vehicle providing assistance.
  3. Switch off all electrical accessories in both vehicles.

⚠ There must not be any contact between the bodies of the two vehicles; otherwise, there is a danger of short circuiting.

Connecting jumper cables

⚠ To avoid personal injury from sparks,follow this sequence when connecting jumper cables.

In your BMW, the so-called auxiliary terminal for jump starting in the engine compartment serves as a positive terminal for the battery.

  1. Fold open the cover of the BMW jumpstarting terminal. To do so, pull the tab.
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series21
  1. Attach one end of the jumper cable plus/+ to the positive terminal of the battery or a jump-starting terminal of the vehicle providing assistance.
  2. Attach the second end of the cable to the positive terminal of the battery or to a jumpstarting terminal of the vehicle to be started.
  3. Attach one end of the jumper cable minus/– to the negative terminal of the battery or to an engine or body ground of the vehicle providing assistance. Your BMW has a special nut as body ground or negative terminal.
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series22 2
  1. Attach the second end of the cable to the negative terminal of the battery or to the engine or body ground of the vehicle to be started.
Starting engine
  1. Start the engine on the assisting vehicle and allow it to run at idle for several minutes at slightly increased speed.
  2. Start the engine on the other vehicle in the usual way. If the first start attempt is not successful, wait a few minutes before another attempt in order to allow the discharged battery to recharge.
  3. Let the engines run for a few minutes.
  4. Disconnect the jumper cables by reversing the connection sequence.

If required, have the battery inspected and recharged at your BMW center.

▶ Never use spray fluids to start the engine.

Tow-starting and towing

⚠ Observe applicable laws and regulations for tow-starting and towing.

⚠ Do not transport any passengers other than the driver in a vehicle that is being towed.

Using tow fitting

The threaded tow fitting is stored in the tool kit mounted on the inside of the luggage compartment under the floor mat, and should always remain in the vehicle. It can be screwed in at the front or rear of the BMW.

⚠ Only use the tow fitting that comes with the vehicle and screw it in as far as possible. Use the tow fitting for towing only on roads. Avoid lateral loading of the tow fitting, e.g. do not lift the vehicle by the tow fitting. Otherwise the tow fitting and vehicle can be damaged.

Access to screw thread

Rectangular cover in bumper: Press the arrow symbol on the cover. Front.

Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series23


Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series24
Being towed

⚠ Make sure that the ignition is switched on, otherwise, the low-beam headlights, tail lights, turn signals and windshield wipers would not be available. If the vehicle electrical system fails, do not tow-start or tow the vehicle.

The electric steering-wheel lock cannot be unlocked and the vehicle cannot be steered. For information on jump starting. There is no power assistance with the engine stopped. This then requires increased effort for braking and steering. Active steering is deactivated and larger steering wheel movements are required.

Switch on the hazard warning flashers depending on the local regulations. If the electrical system fails, mark the vehicle to be towed, e.g. with a sign or warning triangle in the rear window.

Manual transmission

Gearshift lever in neutral position.

Automatic transmission

Selector lever in position N.

⚠ Do not exceed a towing speed of 45 mph/70 km/h and a towing distance of 90 miles/150 km; otherwise, the automatic transmission may be damaged.

SMG Sequential Manual Gearbox

Engage selector lever position N with the ignition switched on.

Towing methods

In some countries, towing with tow bars or ropes in public traffic is not permitted. Familiarize yourself with the regulations on towing in the respective country.

With tow bar

⚠ The towing vehicle may not be lighter than the vehicle to be towed; otherwise, it will not be possible to reliably control vehicle response.

The tow fittings used should be on the same side on both vehicles. Should it prove impossible to avoid mounting the tow bar at an offset angle, please note the following:

  • Clearance and maneuvering capability will be strictly limited during cornering.
  • When mounted at an angle, the tow bar will exert lateral forces, tending to push the vehicle sideways.

⚠ Attach the tow bar to the tow fittings only, as attachment to other vehicle parts can lead to damage.

With tow rope

When starting off in the towing vehicle, make sure that the tow rope is taut.

⚠ To avoid jerking and the associated stresses on vehicle components when towing, always use nylon ropes or nylon straps. Attach tow ropes to the tow fittings only, as attachment to other vehicle parts can lead to damage.

With tow truck
Maintenance BMW 2006 6 Series25

Have the BMW transported with a tow truck with a so-called lift bar or on a flat bed.

⚠ Do not lift vehicle by tow fitting or body and chassis parts; otherwise, damage may result.


⚠ If the vehicle electrical system fails, do not tow-start or tow the vehicle. The electric steering-wheel lock cannot be unlocked and the vehicle cannot be steered.

▶ Do not tow-start vehicles with an automatic transmission. Only tow-start vehicles with a catalytic converter when the engine is cold. It is better to jump-start the engine.

  1. Switch on the hazard warning flashers, comply with country-specific regulations.
  2. Switch on ignition.
  3. Shift into 3rd gear, vehicles with SMG, see below.
  4. Tow-start with the clutch completely depressed and slowly release the clutch. After the engine starts, immediately depress the clutch again completely.
  5. Stop at a suitable location, remove the tow bar or rope and switch off the hazard warning flashers.
  6. Have the vehicle checked.

Vehicles with SMG Sequential Manual Gearbox:

  1. Tow-start in selector-lever position N.
  2. Select sequential mode. The correct gear will be selected and engaged automatically.
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