Opening and closing Keys/remote control BMW 650i

The opening and closing key for a BMW 650i is a remote control that is used to lock and unlock the doors of the vehicle remotely. It may also have additional features such as being able to open the trunk or start the vehicle remotely. These types of keys are convenient because they allow you to access your vehicle without having to physically insert a key into the door lock or ignition.

The opening and closing key for a BMW 650i may also be referred to as a “smart key” or a “keyless entry remote.” These types of keys use radio frequency technology to communicate with the vehicle’s on-board computer system. When you press the button on the key, it sends a signal to the vehicle telling it to perform a specific action, such as unlocking the doors or starting the engine.

In addition to the traditional buttons for locking and unlocking the doors, the opening and closing key for a BMW 650i may also have other buttons for additional features. For example, there may be a button to open the trunk, a button to activate the panic alarm, or a button to remotely start the engine.

It is important to keep the opening and closing key for your BMW 650i in a safe and secure place, as it is an essential part of the vehicle’s security system. If you lose the key or it becomes damaged, you may need to have it replaced by a BMW dealer or an authorized service center.

Keys/remote control

Keys remote control1 Remote control with integrated key

2 Spare key

3 Adapter for spare key, in glove compartment

Remote control with integrated key

Each remote control contains a battery which is automatically charged in the ignition lock while driving. Drive a longer distance with each remote control at least twice a year to keep the battery charged. For comfort access*, the remote control contains a replaceable battery.

Replacing battery

The remote control for comfort access contains a battery which must be replaced occasionally.

Replacing battery1 Remove integrated key from remote control

2 Remove cover

3 Insert new battery with positive side facing upward

4 Press cover closed ( Return used battery to a recycling collection point or to your BMW center )

Integrated key

Integrated keyPress button 1 to unlock the key.

The integrated key fits the following locks:
> Hotel function
> Driver’s door
> Luggage compartment lid

Hotel function

The hotel function locks the compartment in the front center console and the luggage compartment lid separately and disconnects them from the central locking system. If you hand over the remote control without the integrated key. at a hotel, then this prevents access to the luggage compartment and to the compartment in the front center console.

Hotel function

Turn the key to the right, refer to illustration, until the key slot points in the direction of travel and then remove:

The hotel function is activated after subsequent locking or unlocking of the vehicle. The system locks the luggage compartment lid and the compartment in the front center console and disconnects them from the central locking system.

Using door lock

Using door lockDo not lock the vehicle from the outside if persons are inside, as unlocking from the inside is not possible without special knowledge.

When unlocking
1 Turning the key once unlocks the driver’s door and the fuel filler door.
2 A second turn of the key unlocks the passenger door and luggage compartment lid.

Comfort operation

You can use the door lock to operate the windows and the glass sunroof* in the Coupe or to operate the windows and the top in the Convertible. Turn and hold the key in the positions for unlocking or locking.

Keep a close eye on the closing process and also on the opening process of the convertible top to be sure that no one is injured. Releasing the key stops the operation.

Manual operation

In the event of an electrical malfunction, you can turn a key all the way to the right or left in the door lock to lock or unlock the driver’s door.

Luggage compartment lid

During opening, the luggage compartment lid pivots back and up. Make sure there is sufficient clearance.

Opening from inside

Opening from insidePress the button:
The luggage compartment lid opens, provided that it is not locked or the hotel function is not activated, refer to the above section.

Opening from outside

Opening from outsidePress the upper

Convertible: if the convertible top is not completely open or closed, then the luggage compartment lid cannot be opened,

Unlocking manually

Unlocking manuallyThe luggage compartment lid lock is located under the BMW emblem, Turn the key toward the right up to the stop: the
luggage compartment lid opens. If you use the lock to open the luggage compartment lid while the alarm system is armed, the alarm will be triggered. To prevent this, you should deactivate the alarm beforehand. If the alarm has been triggered accidentally.


ClosingMake sure that the closing path of the luggage compartment lid is clear; otherwise, injuries may result.

The handle recesses on the interior trim of the luggage compartment lid make it easier to pull down.

Emergency release

Emergency release

Pull the lever in the luggage compartment. The luggage compartment lid is unlocked.

New remote controls

To obtain additional or replace lost keys, new remote controls with an integrated key are available at your BMW center.

Spare key

Store the spare key in a safe place such as your wallet. This key is not intended for regular use. The spare key and integrated key of the remote control fit the same locks.

Adapter for spare key

adafter for keyThe adapter is required so that the vehicle can be started with the spare key or radio readiness can be switched on.

Remove the adapter from the holder in the glove compartment and slide the spare key into the adapter before use.

Central locking system

The central locking system is ready for operation whenever the driver’s door is closed. The system either locks or unlocks all of the following:

  • Doors
  • Compartment in the front center console
  • Luggage compartment lid
  • Fuel filler door

Operating from outside

  • via the remote control
  • via the door lock
  • with comfort access* via the door handles

These actions operate the anti-theft system at the same time. It prevents the doors from being unlocked using the lock buttons or door handles. The interior lamps and the courtesy lamps* are also switched on and off with the remote control. The alarm system is armed/disarmed at the same time.

Operating from inside

In the event of a serious accident, the central locking system unlocks automatically. The hazard warning flashers and interior lamps are also switched on.

Opening and closing: from outside

Using remote control

Persons or animals left unattended in a parked vehicle can lock the doors from the inside. Always take along the remote control when leaving the vehicle so that the vehicle can then be opened from the outside


Press the button, You can set how the vehicle is unlocked. The setting is stored for the remote control currently in use.

Unlocking1 Press the Menu button.
This opens the start menu.
2 Press the controller to open the i menu.
3 Select “Settings” and press the controller
4 Select “Vehicle / Tires” and press the controller
5 Change to upper field if necessary. Turn the controller until “Door locks” is selected and press the controller.
6 Select “Central locking” and press the controller.
7 Select “Unlock button” and press the controller
8 Select a menu item: 
> “All doors”
Press the button once to unlock the entire vehicle.
> “Driver’s door only”*
Press the button once to unlock only the driver’s door and the fuel filler door. Press the button twice to unlock the
entire vehicle.

Unlocking w9 Press the controller.

Comfort opening mode

Comfort opening mode

Locking doors

Locking doors

Switching on interior lamps

With vehicle locked: Press the button. You can also use this function to locate your vehicle in parking garages etc.

Panic mode*

You can trigger the alarm system in case of danger: Press the button for at least 3 seconds. To switch off alarm: press any button.

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