Under The Hood BMW 2007-M6

The BMW M6 2007 is a luxurious sports car presented by the German car manufacturer, BMW. This car has a very high performance with a power of 500 horsepower and can reach a maximum speed of 155 mph. However, what really happens under the hood when you drive this BMW M6? Let’s explore the “under the hood” of this legendary sports car and uncover the technology and design that makes it one of the best sports cars in its class.

Under the hood

⚠ Never attempt to perform any service or repair operations on your vehicle without the required professional technical training. If you are unfamiliar with the specifications to be observed, only have work carried out on your vehicle by a BMW center or a repair shop that works in accordance with BMW guidelines and uses appropriately trained personnel. Otherwise, there is a danger of damage and associated safety risks if this work is performed improperly.


Under The Hood BMW 2007 M6

Pull lever.

Under The Hood BMW 2007 M6 1

Press the release handle and open the hood.

▶ You cannot start off with the hood open.

Under The Hood BMW 2007 M6 2

Close the hood from a height of approx. 16 in/ 40 cm with momentum. It must be clearly heard to engage.

⚠ Make sure that the closing path of the hood is clear; otherwise, injuries may result. If you see any signs that the hood is not completely closed while you are driving your vehicle, you should stop at once and close it securely.

Engine compartment

Under The Hood BMW 2007 M6 3

1 Filler neck for engine oil, refer to Adding engine oil
2 Expansion tank for coolant
3 Jump-starting terminal
4 Body ground/negative terminal
5 Filler neck for washer fluid of the headlamp and windshield cleaning systems

Engine oil

Engine oil consumption depends on driving style and driving conditions.

Checking engine oil level

Your vehicle is equipped with an electronic oil level check. You can display the oil level in the instrument cluster.

Under The Hood BMW 2007 M6 4

1 Oil level
2 Maximum marking
3 Minimum marking

Press the BC button in the turn signal lever repeatedly until the oil level display is shown in the instrument cluster. The displayed numeric value indicates the current oil level in liters above Minimum.

After starting the engine, the last determined value is displayed. The oil level must be between the two marks.

▶ Manual transmission: the fluid level will be shown in the lower display.

Exact measurement

The oil level is measured continuously while driving or when stopped with the engine running. The determination of a new value can take 30 minutes or longer.

▶ If only dashes are shown in the display, it was not possible to determine a new value. This can, for example, be the case when driving short distances or with a sporty driving style.

Fast measurement

In addition to the continuous measurement, you can also quickly determine the current oil level, e.g. after adding engine oil, however with a low measuring accuracy.

  1. With the engine at operating temperature, i.e. after at least 6 miles/10 km of uninterrupted driving, park the vehicle in a horizontal position.
  2. Allow the engine to run at idle.
  3. Press the BC button in the turn signal lever repeatedly until the oil level display is shown in the instrument cluster.
  4. Press the BC button in the turn signal lever for at least 2 seconds. The oil level is determined. A clock symbol is displayed during the measurement.
  5. After approx. 1 minute the current oil level is displayed.

▶ If not all measuring conditions are met, e.g. with the engine cold, “-.-” is displayed. The requested measurement is carried out as soon as possible.

Possible displays
Under The Hood BMW 2007 M6 5

1 Oil level OK
2 Oil level at minimum: Add a maximum of 1 US quart/1 liter of engine oil at the next opportunity, refer to
Adding engine oil below
3 Oil level is too high

⚠ Have the vehicle checked immediately; otherwise, engine damage may result if too much oil has been added.

4 Oil level at maximum
5 Fast measurement running: oil level is being determined
6 No value can be determined at this time

Adding engine oil
Under The Hood BMW 2007 M6 6

Do not add oil until a value slightly above the minimum of 0.0 US quarts/liters is displayed by the oil level measurement. In this area a message is also shown on the Control Display.

⚠ Add oil within the next 125 miles/200 km, otherwise the engine could be damaged. Add a maximum of 1 US quart/1 liter of oil, otherwise the engine may be damaged by adding too much oil. Add at least 0.5 US quart/0.5 liter of oil, otherwise the oil level check cannot reliably display the current oil level.

▶ Please conduct a quick measurement after adding engine oil to check the oil quantity added and to update the display.

⚠ Continuous exposure to used oil has caused cancer in laboratory testing. For this reason, thoroughly wash exposed areas of skin with soap and water after such work. Keep oil, grease, etc. out of reach of children
and observe warnings on containers. Failure to do so could pose health risks.

Oil change

Have oil changes carried out only by a BMW center or a repair shop that works in accordance with BMW guidelines and uses appropriately trained personnel.

Approved engine oils

The quality of the engine oil selected has critical significance for the operation and service life of
an engine. BMW continuously approves specific oils after confirming their suitability for use in its vehicles with extensive testing.

⚠ Do not use oil additives; under some cir- cumstances, they can damage your engine.

▶ Your BMW center will be happy to answer detailed questions on BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil or approved synthetic oils.

You can also call BMW of North America at 1-800-831-1117 or visit the website at www.bmwusa.com to obtain this information.

Viscosity grades

The viscosity is a measure of the thickness of the oil and is specified in SAE grades.

▶ Approved oils belong to the SAE grade 10W-60.

Alternative oil types

If BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil is unavailable, you can add small quantities of other synthetic oils between oil changes. Only use oils with the following specifications:

  • Viscosity preferred: SAE 10W-60; alternative: SAE 10W-40, SAE 5W-50 or SAE 10W-50
  • Specification API SJ/CF, API SK/CF or higher
Low ambient temperatures

The oils used by BMW from the factory for your vehicle model can be used at virtually all ambient temperatures. However, if the vehicle is operated for a longer period at temperatures below –47/–206, your BMW center will be happy to recommend a suitable oil.


⚠ Do not open the cooling system when the engine is hot. Escaping coolant can cause burns.

Coolant consists of water and coolant additive. Not all commercially available additives are suitable for your BMW. Ask your BMW center for suitable additives.

⚠ Only use suitable additives, otherwise engine damage may result. The additives present a health hazard. Always observe all applicable environmental laws and regulations when disposing of used coolant additives.

Checking coolant level
  1. Allow the engine to cool.
  2. Turn the cap of the expansion tank counterclockwise to allow any accumulated pressure to escape, then continue turning to open.
  3. The coolant level is correct when the upper end of the float rod is at the same height as the upper edge of the filler neck, also refer to the drawing next to the filler neck.
Under The Hood BMW 2007 M6 7
  1. If the coolant is low, slowly add coolant up to the specified level do not overfill.
  2. Turn the cap until it clicks.
  3. Have the reason for the coolant loss eliminated as soon as possible.
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