Unlock More Trading Fun with zForex Black Friday 100% Deposit Bonus!

We’re excited to share the news about our special Black Friday 100% Deposit Bonus at zForex, providing a fantastic chance for you to boost your trading power on this exciting day!

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you’re a new trader or already have an ECN account, you can enjoy a bonus of up to $100 on your deposits. It’s easy – just sign up for a real account on our website, do a quick account check, and start trading with a minimum deposit of $50. This check is to make sure everyone has a safe and smooth trading experience.

When Does It Start?

The offer kicks off on Friday, November 24, 2023, at midnight and wraps up at 11:50 PM on the same day. So mark your calendars!

Link bonus: https://zforex.com/bonus/5563/

How Does It Work?

Here are the key points:

  1. Platform and Currency: This bonus is for ECN accounts on the MT5 platform, using USD as the main currency.
  2. Minimum Deposit: Get started with a minimum deposit of $50, catering to traders of all levels.
  3. Trading Flexibility: Enjoy a maximum leverage of 1:1000 to seize more market opportunities.
  4. Protection for Your Trades: Execute your strategies confidently with a stop-out level of 20%.
  5. Product Variety: Trade any product types you prefer; the choice is yours.
  6. Diversify Your Trades: Engage in a more dynamic approach by trading a minimum of 3 different symbols.
  7. Expert Advisors Welcome: Use Expert Advisors for your trading strategies.
  8. No One-Way Trading: Remember, trading in one direction is not accepted.

How to Get Your Bonus?

Follow these steps:

  1. Bonus Amount: Earn bonuses of up to $100 by meeting the conditions.
  2. Trading Period: Keep your positions open for at least 3 minutes.
  3. Transfer Funds: Move your bonus funds from “Credit” to “Balance.”
  4. Redeem Your Bonus: Once all conditions are met, email info@zforex.com to start the process.
  5. Timeframe: You have 30 calendar days to trade the required volume.

Important Reminders:

  • Bonus funds can’t be transferred between accounts.
  • Multiple accounts from the same device can’t participate.


Q: Who is eligible for the Black Friday 100% Deposit Bonus? A: Both new and existing ECN account clients can benefit from this bonus.

Q: When does the offer start and end? A: The offer starts on November 24, 2023, at midnight and ends at 11:50 PM on the same day.

Q: How much is the minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus? A: The minimum deposit is $50 to enjoy the bonus.

Q: Can I use Expert Advisors for trading strategies? A: Yes, Expert Advisors are welcome!

Join zForex Black Friday 100% Deposit Bonus now and make your year-end trading even more exciting!