Unlock Your Trading Potential with FreshForex 300% Deposit Bonus

If you’re interested in trading and want to boost your investment, FreshForex is offering a $300 deposit bonus that can help you get started. In this article, we’ll explore the 300% deposit bonus provided by FreshForex, its benefits, and the steps to claim it.


FreshForex’s Exclusive Offer: 300% for Your Deposit

FreshForex is celebrating its 19th anniversary with a unique offer. When you deposit $100 or more, you’ll receive a generous 300% bonus on your deposit. This bonus can be used to increase your trading capital and potentially turn it into profits.

Link bonus : https://freshforex.com/traders/promotion/tradable_forex_bonus200.html

How to Claim the Bonus: It’s Easy!

Obtaining the $300 deposit bonus from FreshForex is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Open an account and complete the verification of your personal information.
  2. Enable the bonus for your trading account, choosing from Classic MT4, Classic MT5, or Market Pro MT4.
  3. Fund your account, and the bonus will be automatically credited.

Terms and Conditions: Know the Details

Here are the important terms and conditions you need to be aware of:

  • This promotion is valid from October 5, 2020, to November 30, 2023.
  • The promotion applies to Classic MT4, Classic MT5, and Market Pro MT4 accounts with any account currency and is not combinable with other promotions.
  • To activate the bonus, you must verify your personal data and select the promotion for your trading account, and this choice cannot be changed in the future.
  • The bonus amount is 300% of each deposit starting from $100 in the trading account currency or the equivalent of $101 based on the company’s internal exchange rate for other account currencies.
  • If your deposit amount falls below the minimum due to fees, currency conversion, or other charges, the bonus will not be credited.
  • The bonus won’t be given if, within the last 180 days, your total deposits minus withdrawals have been negative.
  • Only deposits from external sources (payment systems) during the promotion period qualify, while withdrawal or transfer requests are considered withdrawals.
  • The maximum active bonus under this promotion is $5,000 or its equivalent in other account currencies.
  • The bonus initially goes to the “Credit” field in your trading account, where it’s available for increasing trading volumes but not for covering losses.
  • You can transfer the bonus to the “Balance” field once you’ve completed 35% of the required trading volume in lots based on the bonus amount in USD.
  • Contact the company via the Feedback section to request the transfer of bonus funds to the “Balance” field after meeting the volume requirement.
  • The bonus will be deducted in various situations, including withdrawal requests, insufficient account balance, account balance turning negative, successful transfer to the “Balance” field, and disabling the bonus.
  • FreshForex reserves the right to modify the promotion terms and period.
  • The bonus is intended for trading purposes only, and the company can withhold or deduct bonus funds if they suspect misuse.


  1. What is the FreshForex $300 deposit bonus?
    • It’s a 300% bonus on deposits of $100 or more into Classic MT4, Classic MT5, or Market Pro MT4 accounts.
  2. How long is the promotion valid?
    • The promotion runs from October 5, 2020, to November 30, 2023.
  3. Can I combine this bonus with other promotions?
    • No, this bonus cannot be combined with other promotions.
  4. How can I activate the bonus?
    • You need to verify your personal information and select the promotion for your trading account.
  5. What can I do with the bonus funds?
    • Initially, the bonus goes to the “Credit” field and can be used for increasing trading volumes.
  6. How do I transfer the bonus to my “Balance”?
    • You need to complete 35% of the required trading volume in lots based on the bonus amount in USD and request the transfer via the Feedback section.
  7. Are there any situations in which the bonus will be deducted?
    • Yes, the bonus may be deducted in various cases, such as withdrawal requests or insufficient account balance.
  8. What happens if I misuse the bonus?
    • The company may withhold or deduct bonus funds if they suspect misuse.

Trade with confidence and make the most of your investment with FreshForex’s $300 deposit bonus!