Unlocking a $30 No Deposit Bonus at TemplerFX

Are you curious about forex trading but hesitant to invest your own money? TemplerFX has an exciting offer that allows you to start trading without any initial capital. In this article, we’ll explore TemplerFX’s $30 no deposit bonus and show you how to leverage it for a profitable journey in the world of forex trading.

Unlocking a 30 No Deposit Bonus at TemplerFX

How to Get a No Deposit Bonus

If you’re new to forex trading and want to minimize your financial risk, you can take advantage of TemplerFX No Deposit Bonus. Here’s how to get started:

Link bonus : https://templerfx.com/en/promotions/no_deposit

Step 1: Account Registration

Begin by creating an account on TemplerFX’s Members area.

Step 2: Verification

The verification process is straightforward. You’ll need to verify your email and phone number, followed by uploading a scanned copy of an identity document and proof of residence. This step typically takes around 72 hours.

Step 3: Bonus Request

After completing your registration and verification, click the “Request NDB $30” button in the “Bonus” section of the Members area. It’s essential to note that TemplerFX may refuse to credit the bonus under certain circumstances.

Step 4: Bonus Withdrawal

Once you’ve fulfilled the trading volume requirements by completing a certain number of buy and sell trades (5 lots in total), you can withdraw the entire bonus amount and any profits you’ve made. Keep in mind that you cannot partially withdraw the bonus.

Before proceeding, carefully review the Bonus Agreement to understand the terms and conditions associated with the No Deposit Bonus.

No Deposit Bonus Agreement

  1. New clients can receive the No Deposit Bonus only once.
  2. The bonus is available for fully verified accounts.
  3. Both the bonus and profits are eligible for withdrawal or internal transfer after meeting trading volume requirements.
  4. The bonus is valid for 30 calendar days. If the offer conditions aren’t met within this period, the bonus funds will be automatically canceled.
  5. Once the required turnover volume is reached, trading must cease, and profits should be transferred to a real trading account.
  6. To withdraw profits made with bonus funds, clients must: 6.1. Trade a total volume of 5 lots for NDB accounts. 6.2. Maintain a maximum total volume of simultaneously open positions of 0.3 lots. 6.3. Verify a debit/credit card. 6.4. Make a minimum deposit of $10 within the 30-day bonus term. 6.5. The maximum withdrawal amount for NDB accounts is $100. Amounts exceeding this limit are not available for withdrawal.
  7. The bonus must be on your account when requesting a withdrawal, or the company may reject the request.
  8. The company reserves the right to cancel the No Deposit Bonus and void trading results without prior notice.
  9. The maximum leverage for clients who receive the No Deposit Bonus is 1:2000.
  10. The stop-out level for NDB accounts is 30%.
  11. If fraudulent activity is suspected, the bonus can be voided, and trading results annulled.
  12. TemplerFX can modify the campaign terms without prior notice.
  13. The No Deposit Bonus is not available for citizens of specific countries.


Q1: Can I get the No Deposit Bonus more than once? A1: No, the bonus is available for new clients only once.

Q2: What is the maximum withdrawal amount for NDB accounts? A2: The maximum withdrawal amount is $100 for NDB accounts.

Q3: Can I use the bonus with other types of bonuses? A3: No, the No Deposit Bonus is incompatible with other types of bonuses.

Q4: How long is the No Deposit Bonus valid for? A4: The bonus is valid for 30 calendar days.

Q5: What happens if I don’t meet the trading volume requirements within 30 days? A5: If the offer conditions aren’t met within 30 days, the bonus funds will be automatically canceled.

Q6: Can I partially withdraw the bonus amount? A6: No, the entire bonus amount must be withdrawn; partial withdrawals are not possible.

Q7: Are there any restrictions on countries eligible for the No Deposit Bonus? A7: Yes, the No Deposit Bonus is not available for citizens of specific countries, as mentioned in the agreement.

Q8: Can I use the bonus with any trading strategy? A8: It’s essential to avoid fraudulent activity and strictly follow the rules outlined in the agreement to prevent the cancellation of the bonus and trading results.

Q9: How long does it take to verify my account and start trading with the No Deposit Bonus? A9: Account verification typically takes around 72 hours, after which you can start trading with the bonus.

Q10: Can I withdraw profits made with the bonus funds, and if so, what are the conditions? A10: Yes, you can withdraw profits made with the bonus funds after meeting specific trading volume requirements, as detailed in the agreement.