Voice command system BMW 650i

The BMW 650i is equipped with a voice command system that allows you to control various functions of the car using voice commands. To use the voice command system, press the “Voice Command” button on the steering wheel or dashboard and then speak your command.

The system will recognize a variety of commands, including commands to make phone calls, adjust the audio system, and navigate to a specific destination. You can also activate the voice command system by saying “Hello BMW” and then speaking your command.

The voice command system allows you to control operation of various vehicle systems without ever removing your hands from the steering wheel. Individual menu items on the Control Display can be spoken as commands.

This frees you of having to use the controller. The voice command system transforms your spoken commands into control signals for the selected systems and provides support in the form of instructions or questions.

The voice command system includes a special microphone. The microphone is located:

> Near the interior rearview mirror in the Coupe,
> On the steering column in the Convertible

Voice commands

Voice commands
Press the button
Activating voice command
Activating voice
2 Say the command. The command is displayed on the Control Display
voice command system
This symbol is shown
If no other commands

Terminating or canceling voice command

Terminating or canceling voice


Having possible commands read aloudAn example selecting a track


The mobile phone can also be operated with voice commands. For voice commands, bear the following in

> Say the commands and numbers smoothly and at normal volume, avoiding excessive emphasis and pauses. This also applies to spelling when entering the destination.
> Always issue commands in the language of the voice command system.
> When selecting a radio station, use the usual pronunciation of the station name.
> For entries in the voice-activated phone book, only use names in the language of the voice command system and no abbreviations.
> Keep the doors, windows and glass sunroof* or convertible top closed to prevent interference from ambient noise.
> Avoid background noises in the vehicle while speaking.

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